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"I can't wait - Camp Sagitawa is so much fun!"

Another Trail Ride Program!

Gotta love it! Sagitawa has expanded into northern Alberta. High Prairie Wilderness Camp is operating two camps this summer with some help from our seasoned Clayhurst site staff. This is so good for everyone!

That’s a “Stretch”!

Last summer our 2 week "Stretch it Out" was a hit. So we are adding a second one. Twice the fun and twice the learning. Tell your friends - limited space! [Note: Campers stay the weekend, but activities will take place closer to camp.]

2 Adventure Weeks!

Remember the SWAT "Adventure Week"? Five day-trips to local sites? It was the SWAT fave, so we are are doing 2 weeks for 2016. Week 1 checks out five locations in and around Moberly. Week 2 does the same, but with sites closer to Tumbler Ridge. Wow, so many destinations to check out!

New Skill - Crafts!

We have a new craft cabin - and crafts can now be chosen as a skill or still done as a free time activity.

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This page is always being updated, and lots of campers and parents and staff like to look around and make comments. Have fun!

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God's greatest blessing in the lives of people is almost always through relationship with other people. People give, share quality time, and offer love and hope. In fact, "He who does not love his neighbour, cannot love God."
Camp Sagitawa wants to share God's limitless love with people. You might ask how we do so with with limited resources. The answer is that over the years many people like yourself have chosen to share their love for people by helping us. It is through the help of these people, that our resources are multiplied. We are thankful.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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High Prairie Wilderness Camps..
Why would a BC camp be the head office for a site in High Prairie?

HPWC - High Prairie Wilderness Camps: is based at a site in High Prairie, AB. The Harbidge family wanted to start a camp for their own community. Aaron had been staff at our Moberly and Trail Rides sites for some time. He asked if Sagitawa would be willing to accept an AB site as one of our camps.

The main site does not benefit in any way from donations, registrations, or any other HPWC revenues. We see ourselves as a guiding light along a journey in which we have experience. We offer our wisdom, standards, policies, and accreditation. HPWC fits our vision and embraces our goals of building solid safe relationships that can last forever. Sagitawa Christian Camping Society was established in November 1967, and now operates out of 4 sites.

Main Site - Moberly Lake, BC: The first camp ever offered was a week of camp for boys in the Moberly Lake area. They then added a week for girls, family camps, youth camps. Today we are a co-ed camp still in Moberly.

Sagitawa Trail Rides - Clayhurst, BC Sagitawa Trail Rides began with mountain expeditions, and eventually moved onto a site in the Clayhurst, BC area.

SWAT - Sagitawa Wilderness Adventure Trips: has no particular site, other than in the wilderness and rivers of northern BC.

HPWC - High Prairie, Alberta: breaks ground with their first two camp sessions in August 2016.
About our Logo..
We value relationship, community and mentoring, as reflected by the two people in the canoe, and the one in front pointing something out to the one in the back. The canoe speaks of recreation, and the paddling action has slowed to represent the moments in life that are more important than activity, and yet the teaching component is far stronger when nested in the recreational environment, because it brings people together. The water reflection speaks of the many opportunities at camp to contemplate life. The small "CS" on the canoe, is a general reference to Camp Sagitawa in general (whether Trail Rides, SWAT, or the Main Camp.)

The Christian component is not shown specifically by design. First, it is already evident by our name, 'Sagitawa Christian Camps'. Second, we do not wish to compartmentalize our faith, but rather teach how to live it through all parts of our lives. The discussion in the canoe may relate to biblical elements, or it may be about getting along with others, or simply pointing out the need to take notice of the beauty around us. All of those elements are important in the way we behave as Christians.
Moberly Lake Site
Trail Rides Site

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Daae Family + Willms - Christian Country Music Fundraisers
Enjoy an evening of Christian country and bluegrass - the Daae Family and the Willms.

poster link Concerts at 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:30 PM)
  • Fri Feb 19 Dawson Creek Alliance, 9009 - 10 St
  • Sat Feb 20 Fort St John First Baptist, 9607 - 107 Ave
  • Sun Feb 21 Chetwynd Baptist, 4817 - 53 St
Admission is by donation!Help support Camp Sagitawa
2nd Annual Family New Year’s Eve Party
Celebrate the New Year as a family

  • December 31, 2015 7:00pm – 1:00am
  • Why not join others in the larger community who want to do the same!
  • Check out the link below for more info..
poster link
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