rental ideas
We have a flexible approach in tailoring our Facilities, Catering Services, and Instructional Packages to meet the needs of a variety of Groups!
We'd love to talk with you and assist you in putting together a rental package that would suit your group.
dinging hall
11 winterized, heated cabins
  • 6 log cabins - open roomed
  • 5 regular cabins - washrooms, divided rooms
  • 3 non winterized cabins
  • accommodate up to 160
8 - 10 RV sites
  • Electrical hook-ups
  • Water available in RV area
  • Sani-dump available on site
  • Firewood available for fireplace sites
Dining Area
  • Modern and fully equipped
  • includes fireplace area
  • Seats 240 (plus overflow deck outside)
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Full catering services with quality menus
  • Rental does not include use of kitchen
Conference Rooms
  • Chapel seats 150 comfortably - wood stove heat
  • Conference room with fireplace seats 30 comfortably
  • Dining area may be used as a meeting area
  • Washrooms, showers, laundry
Washrooms and showers in lower level of dining hall
  • Wash-house in log cabin area has additional showers
  • Laundry services also available
Tuck shop
  • Confectionery, Clothing, Books, Crafts, etc.
  • Open daily by request
food service
When it comes to dining, Camp Sagitawa believes in serving quality and providing alternatives. Though we are able to make good choices in what we serve, we also want to work with you to select a menu that is considerate of those with allergies and other preferences. Our food is prepared in a regularly inspected Food Safe environment.
We wish to cooperative by preparing meals that suit your particular program. For some groups this may mean a Christmas in September, or a backwards meal for a bit of fun, or perhaps an outdoor barbeque for a slightly different setting. Some groups have also chosen to cut costs by bringing their own food and using our outdoor fireplace for one or two meals.
We are also flexible to work with your group’s choice of meal times. Please communicate your desire to the Food Services Coordinator.
Sagitawa offers a wide range of recreational activities. Package rentals include the free use of equipment, but areas requiring instruction are subject to extra cost – i.e. archery or guided hikes. Package deals include a value of $60 per day of instruction for each day of rental.
Climbing Wall

Our 30 ft vertical wall is a challenge. Learn the art of climbing, rappelling and belaying. Our instructors also teach safety, wall preparation and proper use of ropes and equipment. We offer six levels of instruction. -- Staff Required.


A challenge to anyone – the most difficult part is the tiny step from off the 32 ft tower to start a 300 m descent across the lagoon. -- Staff Required.


Our archery range has a large backstop and 4 targets for 8 shooters at once. We teach the approach, proper shooting form and follow through for accuracy and consistency. -- Staff Required.


Our pellet gun range provides room for 6 shooters at a time in a well protected area with safe backdrops. Students learn about safe handling procedures, range etiquette and marksmanship. All principles taught are also applicable to hunting.-- Staff Required.


The complexity of sailing provides a different kind of challenge. Learn to set the rigging, respond to the wind, make quick turns, and right a capsized boat. We have 2 monohulls, and a 16’ Trimaran. Room is limited. -- Staff Required.

Canoes and Kayaks

A skilled paddler understands the relationship between self, the vessel and the water – and is able to maneuver through most difficult situations. We teach several levels of flatwater canoeing, river canoeing and kayaking. Canoes and kayaks may be used with or without staff instruction. Please make the canoe and kayak rules available to everyone in your group.

Outdoor Ed.

We teach basics in survival and orienteering. This includes knots, fires and shelters, use of knives and axes and outdoor cooking. Our hiking trails are available for general use. Guided hikes are also available.


Our waterfront includes a marked swim area, a jungle swing. Ask us about NLS qualified lifeguards.


Slide, climbing playground and other equipment for younger children. Also large field and general sports equipment.

Hot Tubs

Not for public use at this time

Group Bookings:
  • Give us a call. We want to communicate with you and are here to help you prepare.
  • Our rentals are very reasonably priced. Our main goals are:
  • - To provide an excellent service to your group.
    - To introduce group families and kids to our camping programs.
  • Groups may now tentatively book the same weekend on an annual basis. Your group will be required to confirm these bookings 1 year ahead.
  • A contract with non-refundable deposit is required a minimum of 3 months prior to the event.
    - Late cancellations create a loss for Sagitawa as we are rarely able to rebook.
Member Church privileges and benefits
  • Member Churches pay only for catering and are not charged facility fees for up to 2 uses per year.
  • - One of these may be during our main season (June-Sept).
    - A second may be granted in main season if it is still available within 3 months of the event.
    - Bookings that are subject to regular facility charges may be booked at any time.
  • Groups may now tentatively book the same weekend on an annual basis. Churches will be required to confirm these bookings 1 year ahead.
  • A contract with non-refundable deposit is required a minimum of 3 months prior to the event.
  • - Late cancellations create a loss for Sagitawa as we are rarely able to rebook.
Please consider
  • Member Church rentals are held for the purposes of the local church. If an event is being held for the purposes of a larger group such as a conference with some attendees from Member Churches, then it is not a Member Church rental, and everyone at the event will be charged the same rate whether they attend a Member Church or not.

Forms Etc

Why Sagitawa?
Flexible Approach & Friendly Staff

We will design a program to meet your needs, using varied elements of our facilities, catering and recreation. Our friendly staff will do our best to meet your needs and make your stay memorable. We value you and welcome your questions and input.

Fantastic Location

Camp Sagitawa is located on the north shore of Moberly Lake, BC. We are 20 minutes north of Chetwynd on Highway 29 – accessible by gravel road just 1 km off the highway. Our waterfront area is on one of the nicest bays on the lake – it welcomes the morning sun, while giving shelter from the afternoon winds. The cold water is pristine: an excellent site for recreation. Our warm season lasts three months, beginning in mid May, while our colder season is from mid-November through March.

We are accredited with the BC Camping Association and Christian Camping International.
Who can rent?
We offer our services and facilities for your enjoyment and purposes: which purposes must not be contrary to the Purposes or Statement of Faith of the camp.
Canoe & Kayak Rules
Camp Sagitawa canoes are available to those renting our facility without additional cost. In order to preserve the life of the equipment, and to meet our standards for liability we would ask that you follow the procedures below.
Equipment Requirements

The following equipment is required prior to embarking:

  • 1 Personal Flotation Device per occupant - done up!
  • 1 Whistle per occupant - attached to PFD
  • 1 Paddle per occupant
  • 1 Throw Line per canoe or kayak
  • 1 Bailing Bucket per canoe or kayak
  • 1 Painter per canoe (yellow towing rope tied to end of canoe)

If kayaks leave the bay area, each occupant must also have:

  • Skirt, Paddle Float, and Duct Tape
Equipment Care

Please care for equipment with the following in mind.

  • Do not drag canoes or kayaks over dry ground or sit in them on dry ground.
  • Paddle blades are not push poles.
  • Please refrain from ramming canoes.
  • Canoes are built for two adults, but will handle three.

Moberly Lake can change from calm to whitecaps in 20 minutes making it very difficult for the amateur to return to shore. The water is extremely cold further from shore, and hypothermia can occur after in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Kayaks are not allowed to leave the bay unless very experienced and having extra equipment. If you are going canoeing – Let someone responsible know you are going out.

  • Stay close to shore, unless with experienced canoeists.
  • It is not wise to swamp far away from shore, unless in a group.
  • If you swamp, stay with the kayak or canoe. Never swim for land!
  • Have Fun and Enjoy!
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